Sharbat Shilajeet

For joint pains and treats anemia and iron deficiency.

Shaktiraj (With Kesar)

For health and energy

Livoque Syrup

Yakrit Roga


A general restorative baby tonic.

Kafol Syrup

For dry and wet cough, Asthma and breathlessness. Throat infection, pain and common cold.

Kaff Kesari

Acute & Chronic bronchitis, Bronchial spasm, Influenza, Phryngitis, Rhinits and Cough associates or dissociates with respiratory disorders.

Swarna Sundari Vati

For females only. Helpful in backache, weakness and anemia.

Rask Vishuddha Vati

Skin Blood Purifier

Feveronil Tab

For fever.