Swarna Sundari Syrup {Ayush Standard Mark}

Specially for ladies. Helpful in weakness, backache and Anemia.

Netra Bindu

Used for stye, conjunctivitis and vision.

Karn Bindu

Useful in ear troubles.

Shodhak {Ayush Standard Mark}

It cures all types of skin diseases. , and works as a blood purifies as well.

Sharbat Shilajeet

For joint pains, general debility and treats anemia and iron deficiency also.

Shaktiraj {Ayush Standard Mark}

For health and energy

Balamrit {Ayush Standard Mark}

A general restorative baby tonic.

Kafol Syrup {Ayush Standard Mark}

For dry and wet cough, Asthma and breathlessness. Throat infection, pain and common cold.

Kaff Kesari {Ayush Standard Mark}

Acute & Chronic bronchitis, Bronchial spasm, Influenza, Phryngitis, Rhinits and Cough associates or dissociates with respiratory disorders.

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