Tablet n Capsule

Rakta Vishudham Vati

It is fruitful in skin diseases.

Sarv Jwarhar Vati

All types of fever and malaria.

Livocue Tablet {Sugar Coated}

For Liver disorders

Leucopills {Sugar coated}

For Leucorrhoea

Madhu Capsule {500 Mg}

For Diabetes

Nidrayni Tablet {Sugar coated}

For Sleeplessness.

Gashar Vati

For gastritis and indigestion. Dose: 2 tablets each after lunch and dinner with warm water or as prescribed by the physician.

Cholesteronil Tablets

For raised serum cholesterol, high blood pressure and obesity.

A.P.C.M Tablet {Sugar coated}

For Aches and Pains. Dose: 02 tablets each thrice daily with water or as prescribed by the physician.